What to Include in a Press Release for a Product Launch

Whenever you are launching a new product[1], you will produce a range of marketing materials in order to announce it is available for sale. There are several essentials you should include in a product launch press release to make the most of the opportunity to get media pickups about your new product[2] and spread the word.


Why a press release?

A well-written press release can increase brand awareness and promotes your online presence. The media is always looking for[3] news, and there is nothing more newsworthy[4] in relation to your business than a product being launched.

A press release is not a sales letter

While a press release is a good opportunity to outline the features and benefits of the product in order to show its value, it is not a sales letter. It needs to focus on reporting the news, not a hard sell.

This being the case, there are several elements you need to pay attention to so media representatives don’t dismiss your press release as too “spammy”.

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