Sales Deck Content

The day has come for a significant sales meeting. At the table (or on Zoom) sit decision makers, waiting for your sales rep with restless expectation.

Your rep starts speaking. First slide up? It’s about your company, of course. 

Hold it right there! Let’s talk Sales Deck 101. 

Build a bridge—and invite them to cross

Whatever you and your reps have done to get to this table, you’ve earned yourselves an audience. The next step: to build affinity (a bridge), and make your pitch relevant to their lives (invitation to cross). To do this, your deck has got to start with a shared context: the issues that make your solutions matter. In other words (as taught by countless sales programs), you must earn the right to sell

For effective sales deck copywriting, this requires knowing exactly where you want to land (your positioning statement)—then building a mini-narrative to cleanly arrive. In doing so, you frame the issue—demonstrating an accurate grasp of mindset, and a crisp summary of hopes and pains, objectives and long-range vision. 

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