On the podcast: Possibilities and limitations of digital contact tracing

Sarah: You’ll see a little radio button that says ‘Check In’. You just tap that. It’ll take you to the page with the registration questions.

Lee: The app includes a contact tracing feature as part of a digital toolkit from an Envoy called Protect. Envoy is a workplace management company that provides digital solutions around workplace safety and efficiency. And according to PitchBook data, in May of 2020, Envoy raised $31 million of debt funding to develop new market solutions for bringing employees safely back to the workplace.

Alex Haefner: So Protect’s been in beta since around May, and we’ve been testing it with a variety of different companies.

Lee: Alex Haefner is head of product at Envoy, where he leads development for their workplace platform, which includes Protect.

Alex: What the product actually does today is it helps companies manage an initial screening of employees to make sure that they’re okay to come into work. And then on top of that, it integrates with the bunch of the physical workplace systems to make sure that, you know who is actually coming into the workplace and who’s not, and making sure that they have completed those screenings before they come into work. For companies, especially after shelter-in-place, the workplace changes from being this awesome experience to potentially a liability. And so they moved more to thinking about how do we make it feel safe and be a healthy place for people to return to work.

Lee: Welcome back to “In Visible Capital.”

In this season, we’re diving into emerging technologies to explore how those technologies are being leveraged during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m your host, Lee Gibbs. As someone whose job it is to stay up to date on industry trends, I work closely with PitchBook research analysts and industry professionals to understand drivers across private and public capital markets.

Continuing our coverage in the health and wellness space today, we’re diving into digital contact tracing to explore its potential for success during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as some of its limitations.

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