On the podcast: Possibilities and limitations of digital contact tracing

Lee: Is it possible that in the future we might be able to create a more integrated, less fragmented way of living at home, at work and anywhere else that better connects different systems and industries? If anything, our conversations have made it clear that the future requires better partnerships and more holistic data management for the greater good. A big thank you to our guests, Alex Haefner, Matt Harris and Josh Mendelson, as well as our own Sarah Craft and Kaia Colban. In our next episode, we’ll be looking at how COVID has rapidly spurred the growth and expansion of telehealth and walk through some of the challenges and opportunities around digital health.

In this episode

Josh Mendelsohn
Founder and Managing Partner of Hangar

Josh Mendelsohn is the founder and managing partner of Hangar, a New York City firm that launches high-growth technology companies that tackle problems governments can’t solve alone. Mendelsohn was a co-founder of Hattery, which, prior to a 2013 sale to Google, invested in early-stage startups. While at Hattery, Mendelsohn was part of a group of startup founders and investors who formed Engine, an organization focused on bringing policymakers and high-tech, high-growth technology startups together. Mendelsohn managed Engine for its first three years and remains on the organization’s board. Previously, Mendelsohn worked with Sequoia Capital while holding several operating roles, including director of business operations at TuneIn and helping to create Colligy.

Mendelsohn started his career with the federal government at the Department of the Treasury and Department of Defense, and worked as a PM at Google for four years. He created the Google Disaster Response Program, now part of Google.org, as well as the @Google Talks program. In 2016, Mendelsohn was part of the senior leadership team that advised Mike Bloomberg on a potential Presidential run. Mendelsohn has served as an advisory board member and mentor to Project Entrepreneur, an effort built by UBS and Rent the Runway to foster female entrepreneurship. He serves as a board member and advisor to a number of companies and nonprofits, including Bloomberg, Google, NASA and the Department of Defense.

Matt Harris
Head of Workplace Technology at Envoy

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