On the podcast: Possibilities and limitations of digital contact tracing

Matt: It’s not just about providing the tool and the product, it’s also about providing the ecosystem of resources that can help companies and customers really succeed here.

Alex: I think when we look at the return to work over the next six months, a year, I think we’ve really woken up to the fact that health in the workplace is really important.

And you know, previously, I had the benefit of working in Germany, and in Germany, if you got sick, people would tell you “Do not come into the office” and your coworkers would tell you, “Do not come to the office”. I’m not expecting a huge cultural shift in the US, but I think people are taking it a lot more seriously, especially with coronavirus.

And so as the return to work happens, especially around health in the office, I think people will take it a lot more seriously, and they’ll probably employ a bunch of different tools that they didn’t before to do that. If you think about the flu season, I mean, imagine what it would be like if we just dramatically cut the spread of the flu in the next couple of years by changing some of our health practices and offices. And so I think given that there’s a real risk that we’ve all now seen, I think there is a real benefit that you could potentially see into workplaces as we start to go back to the new normal.

There really isn’t one answer for all of this. And there’s not just one tool in system that’s going to solve the problem and it’s going to be about integration and partnership. And so I think as we look ahead, and as I look at trying to think about returning to our own workplace and all of our customers who are doing the same, I think we’re going to be less siloed than we used to be. And I think the technology allows us to integrate a lot of this more than we have in the past. And so I think that’s one thing that I’m kind of excited about. The return to the office has kind of opened the doors for a lot of companies to rethink a lot of their work, I guess. And so that integration piece, you know, as you talk about our specialty is one piece of that pie, but by integrating with other tools and systems, we’re going to be able to create a better overall experience. I think just as we move forward, you know, thinking about how, and I guess encouraging all of those companies out there who do solve the other pieces of the pie, let’s work together, let’s try and make workplaces better as a whole, more healthy and safe along the way. And I think at the end of the day, that’s going to be important as we go into 2021.

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