8 Media Pitch Examples to Get You Press Coverage in 2021

Ideal for: Small businesses and solopreneurs reaching out to bloggers who’re publishing long-form pieces and most likely don’t have an editor in their team.

Tools to use: Grammarly/Respona

What to pay attention to: Don’t try to point out the mistake like you’re perfect—try to be modest about it and show your genuine interest in the prospect’s work.

Example #4: The “You Might Wanna Check This One As Well” Pitch

As a business, you want to be present in every conversation that happens in your industry that could help you raise awareness about your products and services.

In the same vein, when someone is talking about something where your business is topically relevant, it’s essential that you’re present and mentioned.

In all such cases, you should be able to reach out to prospects and ask them to include you in their blog posts or articles.

Before discussing how you can do that, let me first share with you how you can uncover such opportunities.

To do so, open Respona and select “Opportunities” from the top menu.

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