8 Media Pitch Examples to Get You Press Coverage in 2021

To do that, you need to create a new content-based campaign with Respona.

Then, insert your opportunities one by one and, based on what kind of media coverage you’re looking for (e.g. podcasts, news stories), set the filter accordingly.

In our example, we’re not interested in a particular type of content format and thus have selected “Web Search” as our filtering option.

In a few seconds, Respona will return a list of high-quality and relevant results based on your search query.

From there, it’s simply a matter of narrowing down the best prospects and sending a relevant pitch.

Here’s the email template you can use.

Hello {first_name},

I wanted to quickly show my appreciation for your {url_title} list post: {url}

Thought you’d be interested in including [Your Post/ Company/ Product]?

[One Sentence or Two About the Differentiating Factors of Your Pitch].

I’d be happy to share your post with our [# of followers] followers on social media to drive traffic to the article once you add the mention to our company.

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