8 Media Pitch Examples to Get You Press Coverage in 2021

Assuming you do read some of them, how would you pick the ones to reply to and spend more time examining?

To put it plainly, what makes a cold email[3] stand out from the noise and have a chance of further exploration?  

To begin with, media pitching isn’t a new thing.

As you can see from the below table, the interest for the term “media pitch” has remained fairly steady for the last five years.

So, before delving any further, let’s try to give a proper definition to media pitching.

Media pitching is the process of promoting (pitching) information about your products and services to journalists, bloggers and people with influence in your industry, with the purpose of getting press coverage, brand mentions and extra exposure for your business.

Now, you may be wondering: why is this important?

The answer is simple: media coverage from the right publication can really help your startup or established business raise awareness and grow.

As TechCrunch states in its article “Finding the right reporter to cover your startup”…

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