8 Media Pitch Examples to Get You Press Coverage in 2021

  • Have a strong value proposition
  • Provide truly exclusive information
  • Add extra benefits for people who read your press release

… Then you have a decent chance of getting a response and starting a conversation.

Remember though: the information you provide and the person you’re reaching out to should be truly relevant.

The timeframe for someone to take action should also be as short as possible.

Thus, in the first paragraph of his email pitch, Jason L. Baptiste says:

“Launching PadPressed tomorrow…”

Not next week or next month, but tomorrow.

That leaves his prospect with a really short timeframe to take action.

In other words, it creates urgency and makes it difficult for the recipient of the email not to respond.

One pro-tip here is this:

Try to connect with your prospect on LinkedIn and Twitter a couple of weeks before you send your email.

Interact with their LinkedIn updates and Tweets and try to establish a relationship before reaching out to them.

If used correctly, this tactic can be really powerful.

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