8 Media Pitch Examples to Get You Press Coverage in 2021

This means that people are still looking for ways to create beautiful infographics that will get them press coverage, brand mentions and backlinks.

This explains why infographics are still part of the PR strategy for many companies around the world.

To create a beautiful infographic, you need two things:

  1. High-quality data
  2. Solid design

To find high-quality data, you need to conduct research or rely on your own data set—if your company collects and analyzes data.

You also need to ensure that the journalists, bloggers or influencers you’re reaching out to are actually suitable for and interested in the content of your infographic.

In other words, your pitch has to be both well-researched and relevant.

Here’s the first version I have for you. (This is part of Respona’s ready-to-use templates.)

Hi {first_name},

Just finished reading your [Topic] article. Thanks for the awesome post! Shared with our team over here at [Your Company Name]. 

Loved the way you said [Insert Article Summary].

We’ve actually written a few in-depth articles about [Topic] in the past, and our design team has put together a really neat infographic to go along with it!

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