8 Media Pitch Examples to Get You Press Coverage in 2021

Thus, it would make sense for us to identify blog posts or news stories online that talk about PR outreach and don’t mention our product or resources.

The search operator we’d use in this case to identify such opportunities through Respona’s Opportunities feature would be the following:

Of course, we can also include more relevant keywords and phrases besides “PR outreach”.

One last thing to do before moving forward is to change the Source from “News” to “Web Search”, since we want to get opportunities from all around the web and not just from news sites.

This way, we’ll get opportunities from all around the web that include the term “PR outreach” but not “Respona”.

When we’re ready, we can click “Continue” and then, once we make sure everything is as it should be, “Create”.

Here’s the email you can send to your media contacts.

Hey {first_name}, 

My name is {Name} and I’m a {Role} at {Company Name}—{Something about the company}. 

I was reading your article {Page URL} and found your points interesting. 

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